About Me

Me, two weeks postpartum with my third child.

I’m Hannah! I’m a trained and certified postpartum doula and a wife and homeschool mom to five wild and free children. I’m currently working on becoming a certified breastfeeding educator. I am passionate about serving new mothers and standing in the gap that has been left by the dispersing “village”.

Three of my children were born overseas while we served as missionaries. It was during those postpartum times that I began to have a passion for helping others through their “4th trimester”. During our time overseas, I dealt with postpartum depression, living thousands of miles away from my “village”, and not understanding what was going on with my body and emotions. As I researched, I found that I was not alone! Others felt the same way, even those who lived in their home country. I realized that there was a need for someone to stand in the gap.

We moved back to Florida at the end of 2017. I was pregnant with my fifth child and able to give birth to him at home. While this was a wonderful experience, I realized that even here, postpartum is hard. I had to travel 45 minutes with my newborn the day after he was born and several times in the weeks after. He screamed and I cried every time. My husband had to go back to work, and while my family did what they could to help, there was only so much they could do. I became convinced even more thoroughly that there was a need here, but I still wasn’t sure how I could fit into that need.

I eventually stumbled across a free online seminar about postpartum doulas. I was hooked. I signed up to begin my training in the summer of 2018. I am now a fully certified postpartum doula through Birth Arts International.

Whether you use my services or not, I hope that you will be encouraged that you are not alone in your postpartum period. Your village may be dispersed, far away, or just busy, but there are other options and ways to get the help you need. Please don’t hesitate to contact me!

To inspire peace for many newborn families across Volusia County and beyond by providing resources and care for the postpartum.

vision statement

Because mothers are world-shapers and postpartum can shape a mother, my mission is to stand in the gap left by the dispersing “village” by providing resources and services to newborn moms and families during the postpartum. I will support expectant moms by helping them to plan a peaceful and lifegiving postpartum.

-Mission statement