I don't have "favorites" among my five children, but I do have a favorite postpartum.

I told you I would share a postpartum story of mine around the birthday of each of my children. Well, my third child turned 8 this past weekend, and yes - my postpartum with her was my favorite.

Though this is a story about my postpartum, I have to mention that her birth was 1. My most traumatic and 2. My most empowering and spiritually fulfilling. Maybe I'll share that full story one day, but suffice it to say that both of those affected my postpartum in more ways than I probably realized.

I also have to mention that I had had postpartum depression less than a year before I became pregnant with her. It was rough, and I was determined to avoid that if it was at all possible this time around.

I researched and researched while I was pregnant. I spent time preparing meals, creating mood-lifting sprays with EOs, etc. Beyond that, I also made a decision to do three things:
1. Rest as much as possible for the first month, totally guilt-free. We kept our two toddlers in part-time daycare, I didn't do hardly any language study (I was studying Japanese full-time), and I asked for help as I needed it.
2. I got dressed and showered every day once I got home from the hospital (in Japan they keep you longer...I was there for 4 days).
3. I went outside every day, even if it was just on the porch. Sunlight is vital to my mental well-being.

It helped that my baby girl, Eliana, was a champion breastfeeder from the start and that she basically put herself on a schedule. It's important to remember that a baby's temperament can affect us a lot, and we don't always have a choice in that!

I still had some rough patches. My physical healing took longer because of the trauma I experienced. My husband was still my main support and it was a lot for him, caring for me and for our two other children. A postpartum doula would have been really nice!

But overall, it was a lovely month that I look back on fondly. :)

What does your ideal postpartum look like? Have you had a favorite if you have multiple children already?

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