You're invited to participate in a Beautiful Feet International mission trip to Costa Rica! I will be leading the trip - contact me for more information.



Saturday, July 2rd - Friday, July 8th, 2022. We will be departing and returning to Orlando International Airport - if you live out of state, you’ll need to make your way there so you can depart with the team.


What we’ll be doing: 

VBS at 2 locations for three days - one in the morning and one in the afternoon

Visiting some of the pregnancy centers there and delivering supplies

Free/Fun day

2 travel days


**No firm schedule yet, and when we do have one it should be considered “hopeful” - nothing is ever set in stone.


Supplies: We’ll each be packing using only a carry-on, and using the checked bag allowance to pack supplies for the pregnancy centers. More information about that later.


Individual roles: Everyone will be asked to volunteer for specific roles during the VBS (Bible stories, crafts, games, gospel face painting, etc.); some will be asked to be security team leaders; I always need a “whistler” or two because I have a quiet voice, haha!



Fly into San Jose; stay at Esterillos- beach town, and do VBS there; do second VBS at Tarcoles (1st BFI center), a small fishing village. All locations are very safe.


How Much:

**all numbers are still approximate until we get our airline tickets reserved, but the final number should be very close to this**

$250 by February 2nd (That’s in 3 weeks!)

$500 by March 15th

$1000 by May 15th

**All checks need to be made out to Beautiful Feet International with a note stating the trip location and your name**

Important Note:

It’s super important to understand that all funds that are given to BFI are donations, which means that they are non-refundable. If you can’t go on the trip for ANY reason - sickness, death in the family, anything - the funds are still non-refundable. The only instance in which you would be refunded is if BFI canceled the entire trip. 


This is what you agree to when you sign the waiver and release:

“Funds raised by prospective team members that are given to Beautiful Feet International, Inc., non-profit organization, for volunteer mission trips, are fully tax-deductible. However, said funds are not refundable in the event that a designated or sponsored team member is unable to attend. Based on IRS guidelines, funds are donated to Beautiful Feet International for the specific project/volunteer mission trip and will only be refunded if the project or trip is cancelled.”


Regarding Vaccines

As of now, covid vaccination is not required for entry into Costa Rica and we don't anticipate that it will be; however, things can always change. If for some reason Costa Rica does begin requiring vaccines and you choose not to go on the trip because of that, funds are still non-refundable, although we may be able to find someone to go in your place.


Next Steps:

  • Pray
  • Fill out the forms (contact me for link to forms)- due February 2nd with the first payment
  • If you’ve been before, you still must fill out the waiver and medical release. You also might need another background check if it has been more than 5 years since the last one. We will let you know. Please do this as soon as you can - don’t put it off. 
  • Make the first payment by February 2nd
  • Check your passport or apply for one tomorrow!! (If your passport expires within 6 months of July 8th, you need to apply for a renewal.)
  • Pray
  • Attend the next meeting - Monday, February 7th, same time (contact me for link to Zoom meeting)